Guy Cohen

Three Vital Steps to Deal With This Particular Market

by Guy Cohen 29. April 2018 17:35

I'm back home from my travels, to the "welcome" of a leak under the kitchen sink, and no heating or hot water due to 
some sort of leaky pipe explosion in the garage next to the boilers!  

Other than that it's lovely to be home and spoil Zippy our much loved long-haired dachshund!  

In a moment I'm going to outline three important steps that will help you deal with the current market conditions.  

Just before I do that, I want to say that our Miami workshop was the best workshop I've ever been involved with, and we're going to do it again next year.  More about that ... 

Miami Debrief 

To those who attended live or remote, your surveys are being finalized and I'll be in contact soon.  

As for the workshop itself, there are a number of factors that made it work so well this year.  

First, the attendees themselves, who all completed the homework assignments in advance, and contributed such great questions throughout the two days.  Even though the range of experience was wide, because of their efforts I was able to cover the entire range of experience in detail, so everyone got valuable insights, regardless of where they sat on the experience spectrum. 

Second, the venue!  We learned from last year, did our research and got it spot on this year.  The National Hotel was a spectacular success and we've already booked in for next year.  

And third, my fantastic team who were all present on hand to help you and me ... and from what I hear to enjoy themselves with many of the attendees while I was recovering from two full days of speaking!  

The recordings will be out shortly, and I'll be contacting you all soon with more updates as to our follow-ups and next steps.  

Three Steps to Deal With These Markets
This market would have to be described as higher risk than optimal, which means you have to adjust your tactics 
to suit the current conditions.  Some commentators are exclusively in cash right now, which isn't a daft idea, 
but if you do want to keep your hand in the markets right now, do so on a reduced basis, and adjust your 
trading plan as possible.  

1.  Be even pickier with your selections.  No "sort of ok" setups!  They must be plums.  
2.  Reduce your P1 first profit target expectations so you make secure any trade quicker than normal.  
3.  Make every order conditional on a breakout in your favour, particularly if you're going to venture into pre-earnings trades) 

I'll go through many interesting setups today mainly for education purposes, but there are one or two tempting ones in there too. 

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