Guy Cohen

Dashboard Sees Red in a News Driven Market, But ...

by Guy Cohen 8. April 2018 18:24

If you look at the OVI Dashboard you'll mainly see red right now, but is that a sign of what's happening now or a sign of more to come? 

Well in a news driven market like this, it's more challenging to tell, which is why my way of trading is so valuable because you only commit to a trade when the price is already moving in your direction.  

For sure there are some reasonably easy looking setups right now, which I've highlighted in today's OVI Market Review, but overall this market is mostly suited for conservative - and not aggressive - trading.   

Also, while writing, remember there's less than two weeks until my OptionEasy Miami Beach Bootcamp where you can learn expert options strategies, regardless of your current knowledge and experience.  

For those who have already committed, I'll be emailing another homework reminder today, and for those thinking about it, either go to the link here, or get in contact with Jay in my support team who'll be happy to hear from you and give any further information and guidance you require.  You can contact Jay by email at:

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